CCFRD is a Cape Town-based organisation working towards the upliftment of our communities and the social integration of the refugee community (including asylum seekers & migrants) in the broader South African community.

Our Vision

African people peacefully living and working together to uplift their communities.

Mission Statement

“CCFRD strives to establish a peaceful environment that is conducive to social development, and where everyone has equal access to health, education and human rights.”


  1. To provide skills transfers and community upliftment outcomes, e.g. improving literacy and numeracy, extra English, Afrikaans, Maths & Science classes, French, adults English and computer literacy classes.
  2. To equip community members with practical job-seeking skills (Internet job search, CV writing trainings and interview tips).
  3. To raise awareness in the vulnerable communities, with an emphasis on youth, about crippling pandemics such as HIV/AIDS, STIs and TB. 
  4. To provide community services to targeted communities (including refugees, asylum seekers, and migrants) regarding HIV/AIDS, TB, STIs and other related diseases and their conditions.
  5. To empower communities, especially men and boys, to take a firm stand against gender based violence and gender inequality.
  6. To promote basic human rights of key population (refugees, Asylum Seekers and Migrants).
  7. To build the capacity of individuals and partner organizations in the areas of CCFRD expertise (Education, Health and Human rights).